Two ministers and a Consul General

Our 9th Iraq trip in November 2021

A report by David Müller

An important partner and personal friend: Ano Abdoka, Minister of Transport and Communications in the Kurdish Regional Government and the only Christian member of the cabinet.

A very decent and interested counterpart: Pshtiwan Sadq Abdullah, Minister of Religious Affairs of the Kurdistan Regional Government.
A regular conversation partner: Klemens Semtner, German Consul General in the Kurdistan-Iraq Region.

Friendly and helpful partners at the Kurdistan Regional Government’s Ministry of Religious Affairs: (left to right) Amir Othman, Director of the Religious Coexistence Department; Salah Ali, Chief Coordinator of the Iraq Religious Freedom and Anti-Discrimination Roundtable; and Dastan Ali, Director of the Communications and International Relations Department.

A long-time and experienced Christian Parlamentarian: Romeo Hakari, Chairman of the Human Rights Committee of the Kurdistan Regional Parliament.
Friendly, helpful and always very interested partners in the Office for Foreign Relations of the Kurdistan Democratic Party: Hoshyar Siwaily (center), Chairman, and Amir Grgies (2nd from right), Head of the European Department.

Church leaders who have experienced suffering, see the world realistically and live faithfully: Bashar Warda (Picture 1), Chaldean Catholic Archbishop of Erbil, and Abrs Youkhanna (Picture 2), Bishop of Erbil of the Assyrian Church of the East.

Coffee with our important partner and friend: Archdeacon Emanuel Youkhana, Founder and Executive Director of CAPNI, a national relief agency.
Kebab with a good friend: Karwan Namiq, NGO officer in the Kurdish Regional Government’s Council of Ministers.
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