The ojcos foundation
– who we are and what we do
Dr. Dominik Klenk, Founder and Chairman of the ojcos Foundation until 2019

Building bridges through trust

Every day we are confronted with images of poverty, wars and catastrophes. And it is not easy to digest the abundance of information and hardships without becoming jaded or resigned to the fact that we are unable to simply sort out the issues raised. One can lament the hardship. But you can also do something about it.

Because only in a small concrete step to the next there is responsibility for the world
Paul Schütz

The ojcos foundation was established in 2004 to provide a sustainable financial basis for such concrete steps.

The ojcos foundation derives its name from the Greek word oikos. It means house or building and is the language root for economy, ecology and ecumenism. In the Bible it means “House of God in the Spirit” and refers to the living and lived community in Christ. We personally experience such community as merciful, sustainable and innovative. We want to pass this on through the work of the ojcos foundation.


Intervening in situations of need – in Germany and on a global horizon – is an important way of alleviating suffering and creating hope in “small concrete steps”. Mercy does not hand out alms; it pulls us out of the indifference of our prosperity thinking and calls us to responsibility in a globalized world.


One of the central tasks of the ojcos foundation is to create, sustain and promote a living community between people. That is why it is important to us that we work with project partners on a long-term basis. In particular, we support projects that are committed to the lives and prospects of future generations.


We are committed to the preservation of ethical-cultural achievements and especially want to promote innovative ideas and projects that aim to build peace between genders, generations and nations. Living in a global society requires proven values and new ideas to address these challenges in a changed world.

We will be delighted from the bottom of our hearts if you become a supporter of the ojcos foundation so that together we can help, act and give hope.