Iraq: Travelreports

Bridges of dialogue
The ojcos foundation promotes understanding in Iraq
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Religious diversity in Iraq
Strengthening togetherness. Demanding religious freedom. Our 10th Iraq trip in February 2022
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Two ministers and a Consul General
A week in Northern Iraq with politicians and priests. Our 9th Iraq trip in November 2021.
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Reunion at 45 degrees in the shade
Back in Northern Iraq after a 16 month Corona break. Our 8th Iraq trip in July 2021.
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Same blood and same tears
Working for Peace and Reconciliation
Personal travel impressions of Michael Wolf, Vice Chairman of the ojcos-fo...
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Believers between despair and hope
Our 7th trip to Iraq in March 2020
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From political centres of power to where there is no power
Impressions of an Journey to Iraq in August 2019 by Konstantin Mascher, Chairman of the ojcos foundation
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Is there a future for Christians and religious minorities in Iraq?
A description of the situation by Dr. Philipp W. Hildmann and David Mueller
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